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Spa Heritage

Inspired by the native Cherokee, the Equani Spa has carefully integrated unique elements and activities indigenous to the Tribe that stimulate and replenish your mind, body and soul.

Special message from Joyce Dugan
The Equani Spa is located in a very special Cherokee place that, if you're very still and quiet, will give you solitude without loneliness, and a sense of peace and tranquility that is the true essence of this valley.

Native people throughout this country have often been dishonored through misrepresentation of our cultural/traditional beliefs and customs, so it was with great relief and pleasure for me to visit The Equani Spa and witness for myself the tasteful and elegant representations of the Cherokee culture. Being located on traditional Cherokee lands makes it even more critical that the representations are accurate, and it is evident that much thought and preparation were put into the design and development of the Spa, including seeking the advice and input of many Cherokee people.

Wa-do (thank you) to all those who had a part.
Joyce Dugan
Former Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians -1995 to 1999
*The first women ever elected to the position

Preserving Cultural Resources:
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources sought to develop Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa without adversely affecting the site's cultural resources. Prehistoric and historic archaeological sites within resort boundaries were identified by intensive archaeological survey. Resort designers avoided sites so that they would be preserved with no impact from resort development.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources worked with the Eastern Band of Cherokees to insure that the excavation of archaeological sites was carried out in a manner that was sensitive to Native American traditions and values. Historic artifacts were found such as types of stamped Indian pottery along the Brasstown Creek sites and where sites could not be avoided; significant scientific information was recovered by large scale archaeological excavation.
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has attempted, in every aspect of its continuous development of the Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa, to exercise responsibility and sensitive stewardship of an area with significant historic importance to the citizens of this state.

During the entire course of the archaeological investigations, the area was constantly patrolled by Georgia Department of Natural Resources enforcement personnel to insure that the excavations were not disturbed or vandalized. Ultimately, no burials were excavated or disturbed by the archaeological work.

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Upcoming Resort Events


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  • "Changing Seasons" Art Gallery Exhibit - November 21 - March of 2015
  • Annual Thanksgiving Day Family Buffet - November 27th
  • Holiday Arts & Crafts Festival - November 28th - November 30th
  • New Years Eve Gala - December 31, 2014
  • February 6 & 7, 2015 - GA BBQ Championship Throw Down Professional BBQ Contest
  • February 6, 2015 - KCBS Certified Table Captain Class
  • February 7, 2015 - KCBS Certified BBQ Judging Class 
  • February 7, 2015 - 2015 GCBS Annual Championship Awards Banquet
  • Monthly Shows at the Rollins Planetarium & Observatory
  • July - November  - "Summer Fun"  Art Exhibit in the Gallery


Resort Activities

Golf Stables
Golf Stables
Outdoor Activities Equani Spa
Outdoor Activities Equani Spa