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Course Layout

Designed by Denis Griffiths, the Brasstown Valley Resort Golf Course offers a well-bunkered, Scottish links-style layout with rolling hills and bent grass greens. Water comes into play on ten holes as the golf course winds through wildlife preserves, ponds, and streams. With five sets of tees, all skill levels will be able to enjoy this magnificently maintained layout.

As one of the most environmentally sensitive courses in the United States, Brasstown Valley’s links utilize only 13 of its 210-acres of woodlands. This course is truly a nature lover’s dream.


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  • GolfSlider Course1
    No. 1 | Par 4
    This opening par 4 can be intimidating. Tee shots, after carrying the ravine, should favor the right side of the fairway. An extra club is required to reach the elevated green.
  • GolfSlider Course2
    No. 2 | Par 4
    No words do this par 4 justice; it stretches over 400 yards and is guarded by bunkers on the right and out of bounds on the left. Favor the left side from the tee and avoid the bunkers. Short and left is the “ideal” miss on the approach shot.
  • GolfSlider Course3
    No. 3 | Par 4
    Water guards the right side of this short par 4. The prudent play is a long iron or a fairway wood to the center of the fairway. Favor the left side of this small green, avoiding the bunker and water on the right. Your putting skills will be tested.
  • GolfSlider Course4
    No. 4 | Par 5
    Keep it in the short grass and favor the left side from the tee on this long, three-shot par 5. A precise lay-up with your second shot will leave you in good position for the approach. Long is gone, so don’t fly this small green.
  • GolfSlider Course5
    No. 5 | Par 3
    This medium-length par 3 plays to a sloped green. Don’t come up short or you will have to re-tee, hitting your third shot. Aim for the center of the putting surface.
  • GolfSlider Course6
    No. 6 | Par 4
    Hit it hard and straight on this long par 4, favoring the right side of the fairway. Hit it hard again with your second shot to a small green that slopes from right to left and back to front.
  • GolfSlider Course7
    No. 7 | Par 4
    On this long but generous par 4, favor the left center of the fairway with your tee shot. Coming up short with your second shot is not bad, but going long and right is a definite “no-no”.
  • GolfSlider Course8
    No. 8 | Par 4
    Hit a long iron or a fairway wood from the tee on this par 4, the shortest one on the course. Avoid the trouble on the right with you short second shot, and favor the left center of the green.
  • GolfSlider Course9
    No. 9 | Par 5
    A straight tee shot that avoids the bunkers on the right is a must on this three-shot par 5. Your second shot should favor the left side, which will open up the green for a short pitch.
  • GolfSlider Course10
    No. 10 | Par 3
    Proper club selection is critical to your success on this long par 3; if you come up short you will have to re-tee, lying three. This green slopes from left to right and back to front, so hit your shot to the back of the green and two-putt for par.
  • GolfSlider Course11
    No. 11 | Par 5
    This relatively-short par 5 can help your score. Avoid the bunkers that guard the right side of the fairway off the tee. The second shot offers a classic risk/reward choice. Big hitters can carry the bunkers and reach in two while mere mortals should lay up behind the sand for a short approach shot.
  • GolfSlider Course12
    No. 12 | Par 4
    Avoiding the bunkers that squeeze the fairway with your tee shot leaves you with a short-iron approach to this elevated green. If you miss short and left, you can still get up and down and make par.
  • GolfSlider Course13
    No. 13 | Par 4
    Hit your drive down the left side to set up your second shot. Avoid hitting it short and right where all the trouble is. Just like on the previous hole, if you miss short and left, you can still get up and down and make par.
  • GolfSlider Course14
    No. 14 | Par 3
    Even though this is the shortest hole on the course, this par 3 requires great distance control. Check the wind before making your club decision.
  • GolfSlider Course15
    No. 15 | Par 5
    Favor the left side off the tee on this dogleg right par 5. Place your second shot short and to the left of the green, setting up an easy chip and putt for par.
  • GolfSlider Course16
    No. 16 | Par 4
    There is really no “danger” on this hole. Grip it and rip it from the tee while avoiding the right side of the green with your second shot and par should be yours.
  • GolfSlider Course17
    No. 17 | Par 3
    Hole location determines how this long par 3 should be played; when the pin is back right, play for the middle of the green. However, you can get more aggressive with a front or middle pin. Avoid the bunker on the right at all costs.
  • GolfSlider Course18
    No. 18 | Par 4
    This long, finishing par 4 plays well over 400 yards. Favor the left center off the tee and make sure you have enough club on your second shot. Missing short or long to the right of the green is OK, but avoid going short and left.

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quote I only live about an hour and a half away and I can't believe I just played for the first time. The design… is one of his finest. The mountain scenery is awesome. Just a great day of golf in nature. quote

quote Each hole shares the problems for each tee regardless of where you tee from. A wonderful round. Had a fawn follow me for two holes...what a gallery. quote

quote I have had the pleasure of staying at many golf resorts throughout the United States and Brasstown Valley Resort in my book is one of the best… I would rate as a 10. quote

quote Take the advice of someone who has played golf for 50 years and is a 5 handicap. The design, scenery and condition are all tremendous. Multiple tees make it playable for all. quote

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