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Treatments & Services

Known for its undeniably serene and calming ambiance, Equani Spa incorporates intricate local and Native American handicrafts and rich, natural timber furnishings throughout the guest lounge and retail area. Explore all the first-class services available, including body treatments, facials, soothing massages, and soothing and healing rituals indigenous to the Cherokee people.

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Hours of Operation

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Monday  – Saturday 10am to 6pm

Sunday – Closed

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Hand and Feet Treatments

Simply Sugar Spa Manicure and Pedicure

Luxurious sugar scrub leaves the skin exfoliated and moisturized. Smoothing away dryness and leaving the skin with a healthy glow

Simply Sugar Spa Manicure 30 minutes
Simply Sugar Spa Pedicure 50 minutes

Hand Grooming

Nail Polish Repair
Buff and File

Marine Masque Manicure and Pedicure

Inspired of the Sea. Marine botanicals and Sea Salts energize with quartz crystals and menthol cooling to refresh and revitalize - like a barefoot walk on the sand.

Marine Masque Manicure - 30 minutes
Marine Masque Pedicure - 50 minutes

Econ Fin (paraffin alternative) Manicure and Pedicure

Warm econ fin (100%) natural with shea butter and essential oils is drizzled onto the skin and wrapped in booties with warm towels. This service leaves the skin supple and is excellent for guest with arthritis in the joints.

Eco Fin Manicure - 30 minutes
Eco Fin Pedicure - 50 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: Do Not Shave Your Legs 12-hours prior to your Pedicure appointment

Face Treatments

"Release the Beauty Within"
Down to Earth

A deep purifying facial based with organic clay and natural botanicals to gently exfoliate, reduce impurities and rebalance oily, blemish prone skins.

(50-minute treatment)

Skin Resonance

A customized treatment with remarkable ingredients to soothe, strengthen and desensitize. Redness is eliminated and fragile sensitive skin is improved.

(50-minute treatment)

Hydro Memory

Deep hydrating and restoring treatment based on desert plant extracts. Exceptional moisturizing and restoration of dry, dehydrated, and dull skin while promoting a silky skin texture.

(50-minute treatment)

Back in Time

Intense stimulation and renewal is provided to the skin with this very active treatment that revitalizes with alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamin C re-activates micro-circulation and deeply restores with pure collagen. Skin is visibly smoothed and energized with noticeable results after just one treatment.

(50-minute treatment)

Men's URTH Facial

A men's clarifying and cleansing facial that leaves the skin hydrated with minimum shine and improved skin tone. URTH Facial products contain antioxidants enhancing smoothness with less fragrance.
(50 minute treatment)

Massage Treatments

Swedish Relaxation

Increases circulation, relieves muscle tension, pain and releasing of stress. The long kneading strokes promote total realization, a feeling of tranquility and heightened well being.

50-minute massage
80-minute massage
Couples Massage 50 minute
Couples Massage 80 minute

Integrative Deep Tissue

A highly therapeutic full-body massage utilizes a variety of advanced massage techniques with deeper and more direct pressure on specific muscle groups.

50-minute massage
80-minute massage
Couples Massage 50 minute
Couples Massage 80 minute

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated river stones, this massage treatment provides deep heat as the muscles are warmed and relaxed with the combination of expert massage, deep penetration heat and customized oils.

50-minute massage
80-minute massage
Couples Massage 50 minute
Couples Massage 80 minute

Prenatal Massage

Perfect for the Mommy-to-be!! With this relaxing light stroke massage, we will pay special attention to those areas that bother you most during pregnancy. The light strokes help with a decrease in water retention and muscle tension.
This service is recommended for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester.

50-minute massage

Equani Spa Ritual Treatments

The Cherokee people believe that a cure and prevention for all illnesses have been placed right here on this Earth. They also believe water is the sacred messenger and it is commonly used for purification and other ceremonies. Remember all things are connected. All things have a purpose. Always seek harmony and balance in all things. Remember a smile is sacred and listen with your heart.

All of the Equani Spa Rituals begin with the traditional cleansing of hands and feet.

7 Clan Ritual

A highly detoxifying experience to stimulate circulation and balance of the skin. This treatment begins with a European dry body brushing to exfoliate & stimulate the Lymph. Followed by a 7 Clan application of a balancing mud masque. While relaxing in a cocoon, a scalp & face massage is performed for ultimate relaxation. After your shower rinse you choose a Deep Tissue or Swedish message completing your journey leaving you with a relaxed, light and renewed feeling.

2-hour treatment

E-Lo-Hi Ritual

The relaxation begins with a detoxifying mud wrap during which a scalp & face massage is performed. You will then relax and rinse in your private bubble bath infused with moisturizing oils. Completing this ritual is an (80) minute Hot Stone Message. The Ultimate in Relaxation.

2.5 hour treatment

Bathing Experiences

To provide a multitude of benefits including relaxation, detoxification, stress relief, increased circulation, skin toning and rejuvenation, choose one or our Hydrotherapy Tub Bathing experiences to add to your treatment. Color therapy lights and unique mineral, marine and aromatherapy preparations enhance your truly therapeutic and memorable experience. Every treatment room has a private deck with Hydro Tub allowing you to enjoy the outstanding Blue Ridge Mountain scenic views from your tub, leaving your entire body free of tension and newly energized.

Signature Bath

Algae-infused oils are combined with a custom blend of essences to create an intensely moisturizing and relaxing soak prior to your body massage.

20-minute treatment

Botanical Mud Bath

Experience intense detoxification with a body brush application of botanical mud and a soak in a Hydra-jet tub with custom essential oils. Followed by a full body and scalp massage of your choice. Ideal for post golf or horse riding activities. A hot and cold towel compress application to your hands and feet complete this treatment leaving you feeling light and energized.

1-hour, 30-minute treatment

Mother's Minute -Soak

Organic Mother's bath oil designed to replenish and relax with uplifting skin nourishing essential oils. 20 minute soak to soften and sooth, safe for use during and after pregnancy. Great to pair with the 50 minute prenatal massage.

20-minute treatment

Golfer's Soak Bath

Soak in a custom bath with mineral infused oils to release tension in muscles following a day of golf. Enjoy the view and totally surrender all sense to the experience. Followed by an integrative deep tissue massage to target specific problem areas. A relaxing scalp massage completes the treatment leaving you feeling fit and ready to play again the next day.

1-hour, 20-minute treatment

Body Masque

"Always seek harmony and balance in all things"

Our exceptional body rituals include relaxed stretching and compressions to awaken the body and reduce fatigue. Body services are 50-minutes in duration, with complete privacy using the hydro-therapy capsule and begin with dry body brushing and body exfoliation. All body masques include exfoliation as a prelude for enhanced results.
Experience a beautiful "polished" appearance to your skin with a choice of refined nourished aroma cream and sea salt, combination. Applied to remove dead skin cells and infuse moisture enriching hydration for a smooth, supple healthy skin. The combined effects of hydrotherapy and aromatic salts remove impurities, stimulate circulation and enhance the skin's natural radiance. Allow your therapist to select the most appropriate exfoliation for your skin type:

Salt Glow
Sugar Scrub
Fruity Peel Gel
Exfoliating Grains

Hydro Therapy - Sugar Glow

Experience the hydro therapy machine. Your therapist will perform a face and scalp massage while your body steams in the capsule. Following with an exfoliating body treatment with a smoothing sugar scrub. The client will then be rinsed in the capsules built in shower...Finishing with a nourishing scented lotion applied to skin leaving it with a glowing refreshed look.

50-minute treatment

Mineral Body Mud Muscle Ease

This treatment helps relieve tension, muscular arches and pains while eliminating toxins and nourishing the skin. This is an ideal treatment for those who need stress and body tension relived.

50-minute treatment

Spa Salon Services

"Achieve a look that emphasizes your natural beauty"
Make Up

Make Up Application
Formal Make Up Application
Eye Lash Applications


Special Occasion Style: Short - Medium - Long

Shampoo & Style: Short - Medium - Long

Hair Cut: Women's Hair Cut only

Women's Haircut, Shampoo & Style: Short - Medium - Long

Hair Color Services also available

Other Salon Services

Eyebrow Tweezing

Waxing services: Lip, Chin & Eyebrow Only

Bridal Packages

Please contact our Spa Director for Bridal Party information,

On site bridal hair & make up services are available by appointment

Trial Run Bridal Veil Placement and Make Up Sessions available by appointment.

Men's Services

Men's Haircut
Haircut with Shampoo & Blow Dry
Men's Neck Trim

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